We are the United Brompton Riders, short ÜBR, pronounced like the German word ‘über’.

We are the Brompton bike club in Seattle. We love Bromptons – über awesome folding bicycles, bicycling in general, meeting people and having fun. We go on amazing tours together, easy and advanced, plan events, or just meet to chat about Bromptons, cycling, tours, or just anything. We love meeting new Members and making good friends.

On our website you’ll find information about bicycle routes, tips for effective cycling, and in our Clubhouse you can read about upcoming events, check out pictures of our Bromptons and latest events and leave a comment on our Blog.

If you’d like to find out more about Brompton bicycles, take a look at our interesting links in our right sidebar.



über – the word

‘über’, also ‘ueber’, is a German word used in American slang, but the German and American meaning of it is quite different and therefore the American ‘über’ can not always get translated into the German ‘über’ .

American meaning

‘über’ is a prefix denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a paricular kind of person or thing, and means super-, ideal-, ultimate-, or best-

E.g. ubercool; uberstylish
Because there is no ‘ü’ in the American/English alphabet, Americans usually spell ‘über’ like ‘uber’.


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